About Breda

Utilities & Public Works

The City of Breda owns its municipal utilities. This includes water, sewer and electric services. If you need to request new service, download a New Utility deposit form. The City contracts with a vendor to provide garbage pick-up.

Breda Municipal Utilities Rate Chart

Electric - effective August 14, 2017

First 100 KW at .217 $21.70
Next 200 KW at .124 $24.80
Next 200 KW at .106 $21.20
All additional KW at $.078/KW

Base Fee is $25.00 per meter

Water – effective August 14, 2017

Metered Gallons $30.00 minimum plus charge per gallon
Landscape Meters $20.00 minimum plus charge per cubic gallon
All additional gallons- $7.40 per 1000 gallons
The minimum charge shall be billed per water connection per billing month.

View 2015 Breda Water Quality Report.

View 2021 Breda Water Quality Report 

View 2022 Breda Water Quality Report 

Sewer – effective August 14, 2017

The minimum charge shall be $27.50 per household or business building per billing month except for meters designated as landscape meters.
Metered Gallons $27.50 minimum plus charge per gallon
All additional gallons- $5.40 per 1000 gallons

Rates for service apply only to and are based on metered water usage. In the case of an apartment, the sewer rent will be paid by the person paying the metered water fees. In the case where customer has no metered water but is connected to City sewer system, the minimum shall be the monthly sewer rent.

Other City Service Fees

Returned Check Fee $30.00
Utility Door Tag Fee $25.00
Copies $00.25 Each
Public Works Labor $75 per hour
Tractor $75 per hour
Dump Truck $75 per hour
Lawn Mowing $70 per hour
Snow Removal $70 per hour

City owned equipment must be operated by City Employee. All rates are per hour with a one-hour minimum charge, then quarter hour increments. Cost of Fuel will be added.

Garbage – effective July 1, 2013

Charge is a flat $15.73 per billing period for residential. Anyone wanting garbage discontinued, shall be charged a $10 fee to discontinue and then another $10 charge to begin the service again.


Breda residents are provided with weekly curbside pickup of recyclable materials on the same day and at the same time when their garbage is picked up. If you do not have a red container for recyclable material, call 792-5001 to learn how you can get one.