About Breda

Historic St. Bernard Church

When driving through town, you can't help but notice the towering steeple that provides an exclamation point to the Breda landscape. That historic steeple is part of St. Bernard Catholic Church - one of the oldest churches in Carroll County. The cornerstone for this majestic cathedral was laid on June 17, 1888, at a construction price tag of $15,000. Several years later, in 1915, the church was enlarged to its present size - costing an additional $13,000.

Showcasing large stained glass windows, an immense sanctuary and cathedral arches throughout the building, the beautiful church offers a serene and spacious environment for its parishioners to congregate. In 1999, in order to preserve the historic structure, the outside of the church was insulated and covered with stucco. At that time, the intricately-detailed stained glass windows were restored and a protective glass put over the windows and frames. Later, the interior of the church was also updated, paying special attention to retaining the ornate artistry of the original features of the building.

The parish also manages the St. Bernard Cemetery, located on the east edge of Breda on Granite Avenue. For assistance with purchasing a plot in the cemetery, or locating gravesites within the cemetery, contact Scott or Cindy Masching at (712) 673-6644.


Historic St. Bernard Church building
St. Bernard Church inside view
St. Bernard Church paintings and benches
St. Bernard Church paintings on the side wall
St. Bernard Church organ and balcony view
St. Bernard Church paintings of Christ
St. Bernard Church main entrance