About Breda

Other City Information

Pet Dog & Cat Licenses and Rules

  • Residents of Breda are required to obtain a yearly dog or cat license. These licenses cost $5 and are good for one calendar year. Penalties are enforced for non-compliance on March 1.
  • For your convenience, you can download the City's Pet License Application.
  • Also, each pet dog or cat is required to have tags - regardless of if it is an indoor or outdoor pet.
  • There is also a lease law for dogs in Breda. This means that no dog is allowed to run at large outside without a leash.

Permit for Construction or Demolition

For your convenience, you can download the City's Permit for Building or Construction/Demolition.

Voting Location

The Mary Nieland Center inside the former St. Bernard school building serves as the official voting location for all elections in Breda.

Emergency Shelter

In the event of a weather emergency, or other disaster that causes a prolonged disruption of services to local residents, the Fred F. & Norman J. Bruning American Legion Post #607 building will open up as an emergency shelter for residents.