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Toyne, Inc

A family-owned business, Toyne takes pride in building fire trucks and is committed to the highest standard of quality in everything we do. What began in 1942 as as small custom fire truck business in Breda is now one of the most respected and fastest growing fire truck manufacturers in the country. Today, the company is run by brothers Mike and Bill Schwabe, sons of Roger Schwabe, a long-time Toyne employee who purchased the company from Gib Toyne in 1978. With a tradition of superior craftsmanship and customer service, our company remains committed to excellence and is driven to make Toyne the most trusted truck by firefighters across the nation.

Contact: Mike Schwabe

104 Granite Ave
Breda, IA, 51436

phone: 712-673-2328

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ToyneFireTrucks?ref=br_tf