About Breda

About Breda

Breda, a vibrant town with just under 500 residents, is located in the northwestern corner of rural Carroll County - nestled in the picturesque gently rolling hills of west-central Iowa. From its historic railroad depot, to the pride residents take in manicuring their lawns, to the festive Independence Day celebration in the spacious park – Breda practically oozes old-fashioned Americana. Incorporated in 1877, the city of Breda was named in honor of the city with the same name in Holland.

Although its population base is minimal, the City of Breda is proud of the fact it has not only survived, but thrived, as a little community with big aspirations. In fact, with nearly 40 businesses based in or near city limits – several of which draw dozens of employees from the surrounding area – Breda is a great example of a hard-working community sustained by an evolving entrepreneurial spirit. Because of that, the local economy is strong, and is well-positioned with ample opportunity for additional growth.

When it comes to quality of life, few areas can compare to the clean, peaceful environment with the variety of recreational offerings you may be surprised to find in a town the size of Breda. And, whether you are looking to purchase your first home, build a space to retire - or fall somewhere in between - Breda has the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.

If you've never visited our beautiful community, or it's been a while since you've stopped by, we invite you to make a day trip. Shop for hidden treasures, enjoy a relaxing bike ride, or take a detour for coffee and a chat with the locals. There's so much more to discover here than you may expect from a small town. That's just Breda...believe it.